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Agricultural For-Profit Burning

Agricultural For-Profit Burning is for those individuals who meet the DEQ requirements as summarized below. Refer to Oregon Administrative Rule Chapter 340, Division 264 for details. Agricultural materials are limited to bona fide agricultural waste (other than prohibited materials listed). Agricultural waste is material generated by an agricultural operation that uses, or intends to use, land primarily for the purpose of obtaining a profit by raising, harvesting and selling crops or raising and selling livestock (including poultry) or the produce thereof. The question of whether a particular activity is or is not “agricultural” is a question of land use or intended use and profit motive. The primary purpose must be an intention to “earn a profit by selling crops or produce”. If you file taxes for your operation, you are an Agricultural For-Profit Burning. To be Agricultural For-Profit Burning, the operation must be large enough to have a profit motive as a reasonable objective, i.e., large enough not to be confused with a personal garden or hobby and must be an integral and necessary part of the Agricultural For-Profit Burning.