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Emergency Communication Operators

“This is an all volunteer group of Amateur Radio Communications Operators that serve the fire district, the county, and the state in radio voice and digital communications in the case of a major event. It’s possible that the first line of communications for first responders (fire, police, EMS) and other supported agencies could fail due to wildfires, earthquakes, and weather-related incidents. Amateur radio operators can be in service and on the air in a very short timeframe and establish communications for these agencies. Canby Fire is the lead agency for the Canby area. We will provide communications to the county, the state and federal government as directed by the authorities. If you are a licensed ham operator in the Canby area, or would like to become one, contact us for details on how YOU can become part of your communities emergency response team. Fill out an application if you’re interested in joining this team or call with questions.” – Jerry Burn, radio operator

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